Hesnes Shipping’s brokers are in contact with all owners and operators of car carriers worldwide.

We are in close contact with several car manufacturers and shippers of new and used cars. Our global network ensures our strong position in the car carrier market.

Sale & purchase

Through our global network, our dedicated brokers are able to offer efficient transactions for sale or purchase of car carriers.


Hesnes Shipping evaluates a major part of the car carrier fleet annually and has a solid track record with owners and financial institutions offering this service.


Our team will be able to assist in securing financing, on any project involving car carriers.

We have a long track record of working with shipping banks. We also work closely with private, as well as public, companies and investors.


Our brokers are experienced in scrapping of car carriers and offer reliable solutions.


Hesnes Shipping has a worldwide contact network of shipyards experienced in building car carriers.

We have also in-depth knowledge of design and technical solutions, enabling us to create and provide the most modern versions of any size and type of car carrier.


Our Operations department offers supervision and follow-up on all our contracts and charter parties.

Tailor-made solutions can be arranged depending on the individual client’s needs.

Market analysis

Our dedicated market analyst follows the car carrier market closely.

Historical facts and future forecasts are provided on ad-hoc basis supporting our clients.