Corporate social responsibility

We are committed to ensuring delivery of sustainable and safe solutions to the activities where we are invested. We are a long-term investor and sustainability/ESG is an integral part of our investment process.

The Hesnes Group seeks to find investment partners who invest in companies with sustainable business models, where environmental responsibility, social responsibility, and good corporate governance (ESG) are naturally linked to their investment philosophy.
We believe that awareness of the ESG will contribute to good value creation over time. Lack of environmental awareness and social responsibility is not necessarily a cost in the very short term but may represent hidden obligations in the future.


At Hesnes Group, we recognize our responsibility to manage risks, reduce emission and assess the impact of our activities.

We continuously strive to make improvements to our environmental footprint, as well as working on compliance, increasing employee safety and contributing to the communities in which we operate.

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We support and comply with both international and national regulations ensuring human and labor rights throughout our operations and business activities. One of our top priorities is the health and safety of our employees. Hesnes Group have a “work-life balance” philosophy and we believe that this in combination with our focus on generating healthy and motivated employees, is one of the key factors to our long-term success.


Diversity and a good working environment are important to the Hesnes Group, and we are concerned that this should be reflected internally. This includes equal opportunities for all employees, even if we are in an industry where men traditionally dominate. The best applicants are always considered in recruitment work, and we have flexible working schemes that make it easier to combine career and private life. The Hesnes Group has a female CEO and two of five board members are women.

Health and exercise

At Hesnes Group we have implemented a system that motivates good exercise habits through a stimulating working environment. This program shows that 100 % of our employees have participated and contributed with an average level of activity that is above the health authorities’ target of 0.5 hours. The program is well rooted in our management, and the monthly development is reported and made visible internally.

Everyone is equal and contributes equally regardless of gender, interest, education, and physical starting point. In this way, we conduct preventive health work in practice, which also contributes to our comprehensive follow-up of sustainability and the sustainability goal of good health.


It is also important for us to contribute to our local community and charities, and we have an agreed strategy to help to make a difference for those who are less fortunate. As a part of this work, we support City Mission (Kirkens Bymisjon Vestfold), Tjøme og Hvasser Red Cross and Red Cross Norway.

All organizations we support has a philosophy that they help where help is needed, irrespective of religion, culture or background.
Our agreement with Kirkens Bymisjon is based on each of our employees logging their training, which in turn generates a donation to the organisation. In addition, Hesnes and our employees also get involved in various activities with Kirkens Bymisjon locally.


The company culture of Hesnes Group is based on our vision and core values and thus describe our business ethics standards.

Our Code of Conduct establishes the general policies and procedures which all employees must comply with in order to ensure that their behavior meets our requirements to act honestly, ethically, lawfully and with integrity in all situations.

It applies to all our employees, our Board of Directors, and others working with or for the group, including third parties such as suppliers and customers.

For our suppliers and business partners, we have developed a separate Supplier Code of Conduct to highlight fundamental human rights and decent working.