Corporate social responsibility

We are committed to ensuring delivery of sustainable and safe solutions to the shipping industry.

We continuously strive to make improvements to our environmental footprint, as well as working on compliance, increasing employee safety and contributing to the communities in which we operate.


It is also important for us to contribute to our local community and charities and we have an agreed strategy to help to make a difference for those who are less fortunate. As a part of this work, we support the following organisations:

City Mission (Kirkens Bymisjon Vestfold)

Hesnes has entered into an agreement with Kirkens Bymisjon Vestfold. The organisation plays an important role in the local community, contributing in many different areas.

Kirkens Bymisjon helps where help is needed, irrespective of religion, culture or background. At Hesnes, we focus on training and promoting a healthy lifestyle for our employees.

Our agreement with Kirkens Bymisjon is based on each of our employees logging their training, which in turn generates a donation to the organisation. In addition, Hesnes and our employees also get involved in various activities with Kirkens Bymisjon locally.

Visit Kirkens Bymisjon

Tjøme og Hvasser Red Cross

We have supported Tjøme and Hvasser Red Cross for many years. Hesnes Group has its main activities within the shipping market. We see that the work that Tjøme and Hvasser Red Cross do in the local area and at sea is very important.

Visit Tjøme og Hvasser Red Cross