Our business

The Hesnes Group offers a wide range of services. We seek to offer the best solution in every category and customize our services to meet our customers’ requirements. Our highly qualified staff works under the philosophy that our customers worldwide should always receive the best solution.

Hesnes Shipping

Car carrier shipbroking

Hesnes Shipping AS has a 48 year history as shipbrokers, specialised in automobile transportation and logistics. Today, we are the dominant shipbroker in this field, covering every aspect of the market worldwide.

Norwegian Oil Trading

Bunker brokering and trading

Norwegian Oil Trading is well known as a global provider of comprehensive bunker brokerage to marine industry and works with some of the leading ship owners and operators around the world. More than 50 years in the international bunker industry gives us a solid track record and reputation in the market.

Hesnes Insurance Brokers

Specialized and independent insurance brokers

Hesnes Insurance Brokers AS offers specialist services in insurance brokerage and consulting for the private corporate market. The company was established with their own license from «Finanstilsynet» in 2022.


Shipping, real estate, financial portfolio and start-ups

In addition to the operative businesses, Hesnes also has an investment portfolio. We invest across a wide range of asset classes, including shipping, real estate, equities, bonds and start-ups.

Hesnes Management Services

Corporate finance, administration, IT and HR

Hesnes Management Services AS, which is a fully owned subsidiary of Hesnes, is a service provider for Hesnes and its associated companies, as well as providing administrative services to external companies.