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Hesnes Shipping was established in 1974.

Since the beginning, the company has been specialized shipbrokers in worldwide automobile transportation. Our start-up coincided with the development of modern oceangoing car transportation, and we have since then been able to maintain a central position in this field.

Our brokers have direct dialogue with all major operators and ship owners in the car carrier industry.


We aim to be a reliable and valuable resource for our customers in the car carrier market, by combining our in-house knowledge of short and deep sea car transportation.

Our philosophy is to run a tight operation with a small number of people, backed by modern technology. We consider our employees to be our biggest asset.

Our business concept has focused on automobile transportation, since the very beginning. We will do our utmost to maintain the support of our customers, also in the years to come, when we intend to offer an even better, more comprehensive service to the industry.